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Created in India, for the world

Envisioned by Praveen Kenneth, former leader in the advertising industry and a successful entrepreneur, with a relentless passion for growth and freedom.

Authored by Priya Prahasitha and Matthew Ottenberg, wisdom teachers and former senior monks, with a combined experience of nearly 50 years in the field of personal growth and transformation. Their work helps create individuals and families who seek to live an extraordinary life from a place of inner freedom.

Launched with the support, and in collaboration with Tony and Sage Robbins, who dedicate every day of their lives to transforming, empowering and contributing to millions of lives across the world.

freedom guru is a simple gift of love to the world. Here is a short story of how it all began.
Praveen Kenneth, always a seeker at heart, clearly knew that without inner peace, even remarkable achievements can seem empty, relationships can disintegrate and one can feel lonely in the midst of plenty.
This understanding led him to travel across the world, meeting many masters, teachers and thought leaders, each adding a brilliant dimension to his search. Each sharing insights that would help him unshackle himself of his inner limitations.
In the years that followed, with continued transformation, Praveen came to realize that inner freedom is not just a single time breakthrough, but a way of life. A lifestyle. One that requires the right wisdom, awareness and consistent dedication.

Once he awakened to the truth of inner freedom, a deep passion drove him to share it with the world. For that is the nature of freedom – when we are free, we want to share it with as many people as possible. We want to let them know that they too have the power to set themselves free. And so, the vision of
freedom guru was born.

During the course of his explorations, he met Priya and Matthew, who carried the same passion to share with the world that a life free of fear and suffering is possible. And that an extraordinary life of peace, joy and abundance dwells in experiencing inner freedom.

Every aspect of this App, from creating content to narration, from layout to user experience, everything has been designed with the single intention – that every person who accesses freedom guru, must awaken to inner freedom, rise up to their true potential and live an abundant life.

From the entire freedom guru family, we welcome you to an exceptional journey of inner freedom. Everyone of us deserves to live and experience an extraordinary life. And we hope you will use this App to create yours.

freedom guru App is made possible under the aegis of Elohim&Kenneth Ventures. Created in collaboration with Praveen Kenneth, Priya Prahasitha and Matthew Ottenberg. Supported by Tony and Sage Robbins.

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