What are Freedom Reflections,
and how are they different from meditation?

A reflection is a contemplative practice that allows you to bring serious thought or consideration to something. The reflections in freedom guru have been created with the specific vision to help you experience Inner Freedom. Hence called ‘Freedom Reflections’.

These Freedom Reflections will lead you through a profound journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. The central tools used in these reflections are transformative wisdom, mindfulness meditations, and contemplative practices that will help you internalize the wisdom to make it your own.

There are several forms of meditation practiced and taught across the world. Each of them has been designed for a particular purpose. The most popular and well researched among them are mindfulness meditations. These meditations are typically presented as a series of steps and recommended to be used as a daily routine in order to experience greater well-being.


On the other hand, Freedom Reflections are not intended to be a routine. While these reflections require a more serious commitment, they can help you experience Inner Freedom in just a single session. However, you can also use each of the Freedom Reflections as many times as you want or need. They have been created as an essential resource you can use whenever you feel limited or feel the desire for greater growth. Simply allow them to weave their magic in your being.

You will find that they take you beyond your current boundaries and let you explore new possibilities. Freedom Reflections will change your life forever by helping you experience the power of Inner Freedom. You will be nurtured and cultivated into becoming your own freedom guru.

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